Every sport has a great psychological aspect since it creates challenges, it makes us push our limits, and creates moments where we can feel intense emotions. Sports offer us opportunities to improve not only technically and physically but on a personal level too.

PlazaLearn is an educational space about sport psychology so sport enthusiasts can learn how to bring the best of themselves during training as well as in competition.

To perform at an optimal level it is important to practice techniques to train the mental side so we can commit to our goals, we can learn to concentrate when facing distractions, manage our emotions, have self-confidence in pressure situations and use our effort in the most efficient way.

Alicia Plaza is the author of this website. Sport Psychology is one of her passions, and she is fascinated about how athletes can enjoy more and perform better by training their psychological side of sport.

She completed her degree in Psychology (BSc Hons) in Birkbeck College. Then she studied a master in Social Sciences (MA Social Sciences) with Open University and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology with Staffordshire University.

Alicia has experience on performance enhancement, conducting educational sessions and training plans to athletes and coaches at elite and amateur level, and with different sports, (e.g., running, shooting, rugby, and football).


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